PYO - Pasquinelli Young Orchestra

Named after the Foundation who has been the first partner of Sistema in Lombardy since its inception, it is dedicated to children aged 7 to 15, and usually performs pieces from classical and popular repertoire chosen for their specific affinity with the growth of kid musicians.

It was presented in public for the first time in June 2013 during a concert at the Basilica di San Marco in Milan, then played in several events in Milan and in other towns. PYO is coordinated by Maestro Carlo Taffuri.

Photos by Silvia Lelli


Associazione SONG ETS
rep RUNTS n. 92434
Corso Magenta 42
20123 Milano
tel. + 39 02 4540 9551
mob. + 39 347 656 4430
CF 97604650156

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