Sistema in Lombardy

Free music education as ensemble training, both in orchestras and choirs connecting all Nucleos and all musical levels, including children with special needs, operating in schools, music schools or social centres, is at the “heart” of the Sistema in Lombardy. In all these cases, the essential requirements and conditions for sustainability are the cooperation with schools, insertion in the community, collaboration from families, and enthusiastic professionalism from teachers.


  • 6 Member Nucleos
  • 6 Local Nucleos
  • 2 Youth orchestras
  • 1 SONG Choir of children and teenagers
  • 1 "Manos Blancas" Choir for teenagers with special needs and abilities
  • 500 children and teenagers


Associazione SONG ETS
rep RUNTS n. 92434
Corso Magenta 42
20123 Milano
tel. + 39 02 4540 9551
mob. + 39 347 656 4430
CF 97604650156

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