Sistema in Italy and Lombardy

Sistema in Italy

The “Sistema Orchestre e Cori Giovanili e Infantili in Italia” strives for social change through the shared experience of collective music-making, involving more than 10.000 youngsters. It was introduced in Italy in 2009 by Maestro Claudio Abbado, who was directly acquainted with the original model through a number of active visits in Venezuela, and appealed to a number of musicians as well as cultural organizers in order to implement full-fledge Sistema in Italy.

The project was initiated at the end of 2010 in partnership between the national cultural organization "Federculture" and Scuola Musicale di Fiesole, the most established music school in the country. The Comitato Nazionale per il Sistema soon stipulated an official agreement with El Sistema in Venezuela, governing the relations about structure, training and ongoing cooperation. The agreement has been renewed in 2015.

The national network – under the honorary chairmanship of Maestro José Antonio Abreu – operates on a regional level with representatives in all regions and coordination from an interregional Board of Directors. It includes over 60 Nucleos in many Italian regions.

Sistema in Lombardy

Free music education as ensemble training, both in orchestras and choirs connecting all Nucleos and all musical levels, including children with special needs, operating in schools, music schools or social centres, is at the “heart” of the Sistema in Lombardy. In all these cases, the essential requirements and conditions for sustainability are the cooperation with schools, insertion in the community, collaboration from families, and enthusiastic professionalism from teachers.


  • 7 Member Nucleos
  • 4 Local Nucleos
  • 3 Youth orchestras
  • 1 SONG Choir of children and teenagers
  • 1 "Manos Blancas" Choir for teenagers with special needs and abilities
  • 1.000 children and teenagers


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